Have Fun With Quirky Gadgets Under $100

Have fun with these gadgets

Have fun with these gadgets

While most people like to buy gadgets for their functional use, some gadgets offer fun and excitement over and above their basic functionality and features. However, this comes at the cost of the customers who end up paying for these unwanted features.
However, there is a breed of gadget lovers who freak out on these extras and make their purchase decision based on the queerness of the features than on the basic functions.

Some gadget geeks take their love for gadgets a step further to invest into quirky gadgets that lack functionality but are high on the queerness factor. They do not mind buying such gadgets because these don’t necessarily burn a hole in their pockets as these priced under 100 dollars. Here is a list of quirky gadget that could catch your attention while shopping for fun!

1. Tetris lights under thirty dollars

Tetris lights, inspired by the classic game from the 80’s

Tetris lights, inspired by the classic game from the 80’s

Light up your house with a fancy lighting inspired by classic game of the 80’s called Tetris. Stack the seven individual Tetrimino pieces in endless arrangements to get a variety of combinations. The second these are stacked, these illuminate adding colour and zing to your living space.

2. Spy shades under four dollars

Have you ever wondered what people are upto behind your back? These classy black shades not only give you a classic Bond 007 look but also allow you to see what people behind you back are upto. Its lens has a reflective surface that mirrors things from behind. You can also check out the hottie sitting behind you!

3. Light speed phone controlled I-helicopter under Sixty dollars

You can fly this helicopter with controls from your phone or tablet. Awe the crowds with your swift manoeuvre and style! Once you buy this toy, you are likely to become to most popular person in your neighbourhood or workplace. This cool gadget has earned some great reviews from experts. All you need to do is download the free App (Copter Controller) from the apple App store or Android market. Then plug in the IR transmitter that is included in the set and you are ready to fly!

4. Remote Control Cushion under sixteen dollars

Are you a couch potato who never likes to miss crime shows and soap operas, including the reruns? Here is a gadget offering some fun and entertainment to your television viewing experience. It is not just a piece of home furnishing but doubles up as a remote for your television set.

5. Alcohol breath tester key ring under five dollars

Try the alcohol breath tester keyring

Try the alcohol breath tester keyring

When you are busy painting the town red and parting with your friends, this little buddy of your helps you keep your alcohol levels in check. It not only saves you from getting into trouble with the cops but also helps you drive safe. In addition, it does make a quirky key ring too for your car keys.
The queerness of these gadgets makes them a wanted item in the gadget lovers’ community. So if you are in a mood to splurge and give a quirky gift to your friend who is a gadget geek, get playful and buy him or her one of these funky gadgets!

How To Know If You Have An Over Possessive Partner

Over possessive partner

Over possessive partner

When you’re in a relationship, you may notice that your partner can’t help but be protective of you. This is not wrong, as it is a sign of a healthy concern from your partner. However, being over-protective is an indication that a certain relationship is prone to a lot of stress and drama. There’s nothing more annoying than having someone controlling your every decision. Sometimes though, people are not aware that their partners are overly possessive of them. Here are tips to know if your partner is over-possessive:

Want to know your current whereabouts

For some reason, your partner always demands the locations of your whereabouts. Though this may be flattering at first, constant briefing of where you are at the moment is not only annoying but scary as well. It is one of the most obvious signs of an over-possessive partner, and you should be aware of this. Even if they missed-out on where you were, they will always ask you at the end of the day and will not stop unless they get the answer they want to hear.

Calls countless times during the day

Constants calls and interrogations  are not romantic

Constants calls and interrogations are not romantic

Even though how much you say that you’re fine, an over-possessive partner will call you a number of times scattered throughout the day. Usually they call in specific time periods, depending on the schedule you have for the day. Calling you, not because they want to talk to you, but because they want to know if you’re doing something they don’t know about is very annoying and never romantic.

Talking to you non-stop

Being told that you are their best friend is one thing, but being the only listener to all of their rants and problems is another. One subtle sign of an over-possessive partner is being talkative about themselves during your conversations. They demand most of your time just to listen to their rants, not minding whether you’re busy or not. When you acknowledge this, they take it as an insult and use it against you.

Deciding on the clothes you wear

If he uses humiliation and is over controlling is not good for you

He tries to control everything you do? He is not good for you

Deciding on the colour of your undergarments may be fine, but deciding on exactly what to wear during the day is atrocious. If your partner insists on the type of clothes you need to wear on work, on the gym, or during casual dates, then they should be aware that they are over-possessive. This usually because they want to cover a lot of skin as much as they can so that people won’t check you out. They won’t care whether their choice of clothes is absurd for the occasion as long as it doesn’t show a lot of skin.

Dealing with over-possessive partners requires firm dedication on your part. You must first understand the reason why your partner is over-possessive. Offer them reassurance that you love them and never ever break their trust. Often times, partners that are over-possessive are insecure of their roles on the relationship, so it is best to let them engage on activities with you often or make them realize that you too need a little space like they do.

Healthy Diet Plans To Help You Lose Weight

Go on a healthy diet

Go on a healthy diet

For many people, having a diet plan is a waste of time. Instead of coming up with a diet plan, they want to focus on their job. Most of the time, they just follow a plan that is available and because this was not suited for them in the first place, the diet plan will fail of course. There are also those who feel deprived when they follow a diet plan and so instead of following it, they return to their unhealthy lifestyles. Here are some diet plans that are easy to follow and at the same time effective in helping people lose weight.

The lean meat diet

There are many meat and poultry products sold which has lower fat. These are lean cuts of meat that include tenderloin, sirloin, chuck and round. For lean pork, the parts which have less fat include the leg, loin chops and tenderloin. For poultry products, the breast is the lean part as long as it has no chicken skin. When you prepare food or meals that utilize lean meat, it is very rich in protein. There is also no risk of hypertension because the meat used has less or no fat content at all.

The vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diet

If there are those that can’t survive without meat, there are those that chose to live life without meat. They consume only food items that come from plants. The group of people being referred to is the true vegan people. Some people say that it is not entirely possible to become a true vegan because for them, the only real and reliable sources of protein are meat products. Vegans argue otherwise. They claim that they can still get protein from plant-based food such as legumes, tufo and other products. Vegans simply believe that you can still have a complete diet without consuming animal products.

The balanced diet

Make a balanced diet plan

Make a balanced diet plan

Of course, those who are not pure meat and pure vegetable eaters will eat both meat and vegetables. Experts however advise consumers to eat less meat and more vegetables. Consumers should also stay away from fats and eat more natural food. Of course, lean meat is advised because it is the meat part that contain less fat. Green and leafy vegetables are also recommended because they are rich in vitamins and minerals and help the body in digestion. They are also rich in fiber which helps the body get rid of harmful toxins. Experts say this is the healthiest diet plan that you could come up with.


The success of your weight loss program not only relies on your exercise but also on your diet plan. There are many diet plans to choose from but you need to find out which ones are effective to you and which one is easy to follow. No matter how good the diet plan is, people will not really appreciate it if they were not able to try it themselves. Coming up with a healthy diet plan is a must in the weight program.

Assets Vs. Liabilities: Which Must You Build?

Make a financial plan

Make a financial plan

When you wish to enjoy freedom financially, you have to make sure that you are building your assets more than your liability. Whether you are an individual or have a business, you have to aim at building your assets largely as it can help you pocket some good money each month. This will decide your cash flow every month and would make you richer in the long term. Most often, people tend to get confused between the assets or liabilities and it is essential to know the difference between the two to invest wisely.

Differentiating asset and liability:


An asset has the ability to add money to your profit every month. It can produce regular income and helps in quick cash flow. Make sure you invest a lot in assets such as stocks, real estate, mutual funds, bonds or commodities like gold and silver. These assets can promote your financial freedom and lets you enjoy positive cash flow.


Liability can be similar to expenses a sit can make you forego some amount of money every month. It can be depreciation of a car, paying for mortgages, loans, rents, credit cards etc. This can lower your monthly income and can greatly affect the profit you enjoy every month. It can also affect the bank account you maintain and can portray a bad credit score, which can be a bad influence for your business.

Ways to increase your assets and achieve financial freedom

Keep the cash flowing

Keep the cash flowing

If you were of the idea that having a savings account or mutual fund would be a great idea of investment, think again. These might seem to you like an asset but are they capable of building cash flow? Though they offer you interest like assets do, you have to always consider the rate and percentage at which it is growing. You might be shocked to discover that your money is not growing at the expected pace which can be devastating. If your assets are not earning more than 4.5% growth each year then it needs immediate attention as it can affect your growth and finance condition. Though there is anything wrong in investing the money using a savings account or mutual fund, you have to make sure that it is highly productive and the returns are high as it can trigger negative accumulation.

Ways to build positive assets

Build positive assets

Build positive assets

If you are thinking of building more assets than liabilities, make sure that you track the way your cash increases and note the flow of money. You have to find the sectors that are on the boom right now and increase your wealth. You can look in to industries like real estate, arts, entertainment and precious items to grow your wealth. This can help you to build your assets by 25% or higher. This is very high when compared to the growth levels of 8% to 10% your experience in mutual fund or the 2% to 4% that your bank would offer you. When you concentrate on your money flow and build income through various ways that have proven growth, you can be sure of building your assets and have lower liabilities.

Common Qualities In All Successful Entrepreneurs

Do you have what it takes to be successful?

Do you have what it takes to be successful?

The recent times has seen a lot of growth in the number of people plunging into entrepreneurship. People often ask what the qualities of a good entrepreneur are. If you go through autobiographies of successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and others, you will find few common qualities in all of them. Here are top five common qualities in a successful entrepreneur.

Have a vision

The first quality of an entrepreneur is to be a dreamer. Anyone who has been successful has been a dreamer. Most of the people have stopped dreaming because of life situations and the realities. However, true entrepreneur does not let his/her past decide their future. They always believe in dreaming big and recreating their future and do not have fear of failure. They understand that “How” is not as important as “Why”. For the “how” part they employ people who can do the job for them.

A perfect blend of logic and emotions

You need a mix of logic and emotion

You need a mix of logic and emotion

A good entrepreneur always has the right blend of logic and emotions to propel them forward. Logic or emotion alone cannot take you anywhere. While logic can only take you to a certain point, the emotion drives you further. However, they do not take decisions in an emotional high or emotional low. Entrepreneurs have the knack of listening to their gut feeling before taking an important decision. A successful entrepreneur will always be sensitive towards his/her employees and the market.

Knack of understanding the right talent

The people make or break the organization and a successful entrepreneur understands this. They have a knack of understanding the right talent amongst the crowd. Moreover, they give more preference to the attitude in a person than his/her skills. Steve Jobs was always known to hire people not on skills but on their ability to dream and have a vision.

Adaptable to change

One quality that separates good entrepreneurs from the rest of the world is their willingness to change. Just imagine if you see a cassette store in today’s time of online music at the corner of your street. As time changes, businesses have to be dynamic enough to change. Most good music companies that use to sell cassettes changed with time and started selling online music whereas some kept selling cassettes and eventually vanished.

Importance of building a system based business

Be the entrepreneur you can be

Be the entrepreneur you can be

A good entrepreneur will always build a system centric business and not a person centric business. They understand that building a person centric business would mean they are the single point of failure. They believe in empowering other people who can do the same job or even a better job than they can. They realize the importance of hiring smarter people than them for the job. Lastly, they are not control freaks.

If you look and observe the qualities closely, you will realize that the qualities of a successful entrepreneur listed above are not skill based. They are rather based on attitude. Therefore, skills play a minimal role in making of a successful entrepreneur. It is the attitude at the end that differentiates successful entrepreneurs from the rest of the world.