Blog Ideas for 2018

It’s 2018 and you’re retired. You want to do more than sit around thinking about which Medicare supplement plans are right for you. It’s a vast world out there and we’ve never been more connected to each other than we are today. Technology is a wonderful thing. Let’s use it to our advantage and start a blog about something you’re passionate about. Grow a following of loyal readers online and share your knowledge with the world.  Get a 2019 Aetna Medigap plan at


Do you have an immense love for art? Have collected more pieces than you’re proud to admit? Show them off! Tell the world about the beautiful art pieces you’ve accumulated over time by blogging about them in a post online, and taking pictures to show your loyal readers. Each piece has a story of its own that you can talk about, and you can also share the story of why you came to love that particular piece and how you bought it. Each one is unique and each reason for possessing a work of art is just as unique. It may make for a great hobby of reviewing art masterpieces and appraising pieces for people.

Real Estate

Real Estate is just as unique and speculative as art is. Each with its own special value to each prospective buyer. If you have different properties you like to talk about, or have made a hobby of finding different properties throughout your travels to document and discuss, turn it into an interesting blog to share your knowledge of Real Estate. It’s a topic that’s widely perceived as a great method of making money, so more and more people are interested in learning about it every day. If you have the skills to talk about Real Estate, people will always want to listen. Add pictures of the properties to your blog posts to make it more visually stimulating as well.


If you’re great at making specialty crafts, such as pottery, needlepoint, blankets, model planes or cars, document your special skills and knowledge in your blog. People love unique trinkets and crafts and may even want to buy them from you. Attach pictures to your posts and discuss why you love the special craft you’re skilled at, how you became interested in and good at it, and what you use them for in your life. People always appreciate special talents for crafts and ingenuity. It can be a very enjoyable way to spend your time.