Blog Ideas In Retirement

Much like you may have done throughout your childhood, or all of your life, keeping a journal, a blog is today’s equivalent. Kept entirely online and posted with pictures and links to other websites or products, blogs are a fun and easy way to document your life or a particular interest of yours. Here are some great blog ideas to try.



If you’re an avid reader, you probably have a good number of books under your belt and much to say about them. Almost like starting your own online book club, keep a blog about your thoughts on each book as you read them. Attach pictures to your posts to make them more visually appealing to your readers, and provide links for people to buy the books you’re reading or products you feel inspired to buy because of what you’re reading. You could earn a little extra money if people buy through your links too.

Special Interest

You might be an expert on a certain topic and want to share your knowledge with the world. Creating daily or weekly blog posts about something you’re particularly interested in can be a great way to build a following online as well as a method of stress relief. If you’re an insurance expert, talk about Medicare supplement plans. Talk about the bests food recipes you’ve tried if you’re a skilled culinary artist. Perhaps you’re not a chef, but you are a foodie. Share all of your favorite dining spots in the city and your recommendations for what to order there. If you become popular enough, restaurants may want to pay you to try their food and review it.

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If you have a love of writing you can keep a blog of all of your original work. Even if you don’t have a lot saved, keep yourself occupied by creating new work every day. Posting poems or short stories is very entertaining for your following. Or you could create opinion pieces or short articles about current events, politics, or special topics. This is another great way to earn a little extra money from people who want to advertise on your blog if you’re able to build up a big enough following.


Give it a shot and see what happens. Even if you’re not in it to make money, keeping an online blog is a perfect hobby to keep. Just think how fun it was to keep a journal when you were a kid!