Senior Nursing Homes: Top 4 Myths

Senior Nursing Homes: Top 4 Myths

Myth 1. Sending a loved one to a nursing home is immoral.

This is true if you choose a municipal institution where your relative will be placed in a room resembling a hospital room. But even in these conditions, they will be provided with medical assistance, which they probably do not receive due to their helplessness. Your loved one will be under the constant supervision of specialists, care will be organized for them, the staff will feed them and, most importantly, they will also communicate with your elderly loved one! But it is precisely the lack of attention, according to psychologists, that most often leads to a loss of vital interest.

Of course, it’s not necessary to talk about comfort in this case, unless you stop at a private geriatric center, where in addition to the care and medical care a person also has a friendly attitude, good living conditions, and various leisure activities. Is it really immoral to offer your elderly loved one a decent life and professional care, let it be not in your own territory, but in a boarding house? Not at all.

Myth 2. The nursing homes are simply four walls in a city building.

Of course, there are such places, but the choice is not limited to them. In the vicinity of cities, in nature, you can see plenty of private houses for the elderly, where grandparents spend a lot of time outdoors.Myth 3. In such houses, the elderly do not receive appropriate care, and there are inhumane living conditions. Conditions in many private centers for older people often turn out to be better than domestic ones. These include five meals a day for individual medical reasons, classes that support physical and mental activity, top-level sanitation, handrails in corridors, etc. In a nursing home, seniors can find themselves in a special world, with music, and jokes being heard everywhere.

Myth 4. Older people will be very lonely there.

In good boarding houses for the elderly, the focus is not only on medical care but also on socialization. Guests are involved in various activities, interesting events are held for them, animation psychologists work with them, and in their free time, they are surrounded by peers with whom they can communicate. The schedule is constructed in such a way that there is simply no time to miss and even more to reflect on your own loneliness.

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Types of AARP Medicare Advantage Plans

AARP Insurance Plan offers number of plans including AARP Medicare Advantage Plans. You have to be well informed while choosing a type of plan that suits you. ARRP Medicare Advantage Plan has many variations. In a text below are shown the most common versions.

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Health Maintenance Organization (HMO Plan)

This type of Medicare option covers subscriber’s expenses when visiting the service provider within the HMO network. AARP have their HMOs network of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers that have agreed to provide any service at a certain level of payment.

This option offers lower monthly premiums because of the agreed payment level. Also it has lower copays and coinsurance making it affordable to the majority. It is a good option for people who only need basic medical care and nothing else.

This option does not cover any out of network providers except in a critical emergence situation.

Depending on the plan AARP Medicare Insurance may require you to referral in order to see a specialist.

AARP Medicare advantage Plans

Point of Service (POS Plan)

This is very similar to HMO but it gives you a chance to see other service provider out of the network for certain services.

Apart from premium costs, you are have to pay any cost sharing expenses such as coinsurance and copayments.

You may be required to get a referral from your primary care doctor in order see a specialist.

Preferred Plan Organization (PPO Plan)

In this one, you are allowed to see all providers outside the network but it will cost more to do that.

There is increase in monthly premium compared to POS and HMO as well as increase in copays costs for office visits.

Costs can be reduced by using in AARP Insurance network providers who are part of the PPO.

In this plan you do not need to get a referral from your primary doctor to see a specialist.

Private Fee for Service (PFFS plan)

This plan allows you to use any provider within or out of the network who accepts plan’s terms and condition of payment.

Cost of the premium is high compared to the other three as well as copayments and coinsurance.

To reduce this cost you can use AARP Insurance network providers, doctors and specialists who are part of PFFS.

You are not required to choose a primary physician and no referral is required from your primary doctor whenever you want to see a specialist.



Reasons to Choose a Medicare Supplement plan

One of the most important decisions retirees need to make is your choice of Medicare plan. One factor in taking into consideration when comparing different plans is the cost. You should always remember that Original Medicare (Parts A and B) does not cover all costs.

If cost is the deciding factor when selecting a healthcare option, then here are some reason why you might want to consider a Humana Medicare Supplement plan.

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Medicare supplement plan G 2019

  • It provides coverage for both medical and prescription drugs

Medicare supplement (MA)  plans include coverage of both Parts A and B as well as prescription drug portion typically covered with Part D. this means that you get the benefits of Parts A, B, and D with an MA plan. MA plans also includes cover for additional services.

  • Enjoy every benefit of Original Medicare

You’ll enjoy every benefit provided by Original Medicare coverage as well as additional benefits usually not covered by Parts A or B.

  • Enjoy every benefit of a supplementary drug plan.

Many MA plans provide the benefits of Part D prescription plan together with several other benefits that are usually not available even after combining Original Medicare with a supplementary plan.

Make sure you shop around and compare the benefits and features of every Medicare Supplement plan in term of the prescribed drugs that you need so you’ll know the option with benefits that suits you best.

  • It covers costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover

A few MA plans provide coverage for items not covered by Parts A and Parts B. These items may range from vision to dental coverage. In addition, some plans may cover some costs at higher levels than the maximums offered by Original Medicare.

  • Valuable extras at no extra cost

Certain supplement plans offer extra benefits at zero costs. They differ by plan so you may want to consider these together with overall coverage and cost of whatever option you’re considering. Extra benefits can include anything from caregiver support, mail order pharmacy, 24-hour nurse lines, or gym memberships.

  • Various forms of coverage

There are different forms of coverage such as:

  • Private fee-for-service
  • Preferred provider organization (PPO)
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Health maintenance organization (HMO)
  • Special needs HMO point-of-service

Anyone of these forms may be a good option for your needs.

Choose Medicare Supplement

If you’re looking for an option that’ll take care of all your health needs, then an MA plan may be your best option. It has little or no premium plans plus all the coverage of Part A and B, a drug plan, as well as other features.


What You Need to Know About Your Medicare Card

Once you know what Medicare is, you choose the right plan for your necessities and decide to enroll in the Medicare health plan of your preference, you should learn some important aspects about your Medicare card, which will be an important document for you since the moment your coverage starts. So, in this article we will explain what the card is, how to get it, the information that your card has and why it is important.

     What is a Medicare Card?

A Medicare Card is a red, white and blue card that you get when you are enrolled in Original Medicare. Your card is proof that you have Medicare health insurance and you will often need it when you want to receive services covered by Medicare. You card shows if you have Part A, Part B or both. Your card also has your name and sex, when you coverage starts and Medicare contact info.

In the past, Medicare Cards had the Medicare Claim number of the owner (as shown in the picture above), which was their Social Security number or a very similar number to their Social Security number. Unfortunately, this would make Medicare fraud easier, especially if the card is lost. To solve this, Medicare will be replacing the old cards with new cards that will have a Medicare number that will be unique for each person (and different from their Social Security number). They will mail the new cards for free from April 2018 to April 2019 and they will look as the card below.

Medicare supplement plans 2019


When and how will I get my Medicare Card?

As we mentioned in another article, there are some cases in which you are automatically enrolled to Medicare. In case you are already receiving Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) benefits, you should automatically receive your Medicare card in the mail about three months before you turn 65. Remember, in this case you automatically get Part A and you will have to pay for Part B if you want it.


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In case you are automatically enrolled to Medicare because you are receiving Social Security disability benefits, you will get your card your 25th month of getting those benefits. In case you suffer from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare the same month that your disability benefits begin and that is when you should get your card.

If you are not automatically enrolled and you have to manually enroll in Medicare, you will receive your card when your coverage benefits begin and this date will depend on the moment you applied. This applies to people who suffer from End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and people who is close to turn 65 and will manually enroll in the Initial Enrollment Period.

Take into consideration that you will receive the card through the mail, so make sure to keep you address information updated.

What happens if I lose my Medicare Card?

In case your Medicare Card is stolen, damaged or lost, you can ask for a new one from Social Security by telephone or online. You will need to provide personal information like your Social Security number or date of birth, so make sure you are contacting Social Security on their official website or telephone.

You will receive your new card in about 30 days, but if you need proof of your coverage before that, contact Social Security and they will give proof you can use meanwhile. Again, the card will be mailed to the last mailing address on file, so make sure you keep your information up to date in case you move.


Medical supplement plans premium offered by private insurance companies

Most popularly known as Medigap policy, the Medicare supplement plans are highly recommended for people who are 65 years old and above, or those below the age of 65 with qualified disabilities. Medigap fills in the left behind gaps of expenses from the original Medicare insurance. All Medigap plan holders already have a current Medicare Part A & B prior to getting an insurance supplement from a private company.

Due to the standardization of the Medicare supplement plans by the law, all insurance private companies are offering the same structure of benefits, but they vary in the premiums that they have clients to pay. Insurance companies have three methods to price the monthly premium plans, which are either community no-age-rated, issue-age-rated, or attained-age-rated.

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aarp medicare supplement plan f (2)The community no-age-rated way is an insurance plan that have the same premium all over, regardless of the illness or the age. All clients are paying the same amount of monthly insurance rates. The issue-age-rated looks at the age of their clients. If the insurance policy enrollment was done at an early stage or at a younger age, then the premium is lower, compared to those clients who are paying higher premiums because they enrolled in the policy much later. And the attained-age-rated are plans that primarily based on the age that client purchased the policy, and as the client gets older, the monthly premium increases as well.

It is clear that the community no-age-rated is the best private insurance company to look for in signing up for Medicare supplement plans, as they offer premiums to everyone. However, with all three ways and with all the private companies, it is essential to know that the prices may change regardless of the age or illness because of inflation. Though the premium may be modified, but the method of monthly premium computation is still the same.

The Medigap open enrollment period needs to be followed in order to be sure that no denial will be done in the future. The enrollment starts at the 65th year of age of the client and is already a member of Medicare Part B. The open enrollment lasts for six months, and enrollment at this timeframe guarantees that the clients will have access to the supplemental insurance without question, regardless of any pre-existing medical conditions. After the time pass, the client may be denied of certain basic benefits due the late Medigap enrollment.