Reasons to Choose a Medicare Supplement plan

One of the most important decisions retirees need to make is your choice of Medicare plan. One factor in taking into consideration when comparing different plans is the cost. You should always remember that Original Medicare (Parts A and B) does not cover all costs.

If cost is the deciding factor when selecting a healthcare option, then here are some reason why you might want to consider a Humana Medicare Supplement plan.

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Medicare supplement plan G 2019

  • It provides coverage for both medical and prescription drugs

Medicare supplement (MA)  plans include coverage of both Parts A and B as well as prescription drug portion typically covered with Part D. this means that you get the benefits of Parts A, B, and D with an MA plan. MA plans also includes cover for additional services.

  • Enjoy every benefit of Original Medicare

You’ll enjoy every benefit provided by Original Medicare coverage as well as additional benefits usually not covered by Parts A or B.

  • Enjoy every benefit of a supplementary drug plan.

Many MA plans provide the benefits of Part D prescription plan together with several other benefits that are usually not available even after combining Original Medicare with a supplementary plan.

Make sure you shop around and compare the benefits and features of every Medicare Supplement plan in term of the prescribed drugs that you need so you’ll know the option with benefits that suits you best.

  • It covers costs that Original Medicare doesn’t cover

A few MA plans provide coverage for items not covered by Parts A and Parts B. These items may range from vision to dental coverage. In addition, some plans may cover some costs at higher levels than the maximums offered by Original Medicare.

  • Valuable extras at no extra cost

Certain supplement plans offer extra benefits at zero costs. They differ by plan so you may want to consider these together with overall coverage and cost of whatever option you’re considering. Extra benefits can include anything from caregiver support, mail order pharmacy, 24-hour nurse lines, or gym memberships.

  • Various forms of coverage

There are different forms of coverage such as:

  • Private fee-for-service
  • Preferred provider organization (PPO)
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Health maintenance organization (HMO)
  • Special needs HMO point-of-service

Anyone of these forms may be a good option for your needs.

Choose Medicare Supplement

If you’re looking for an option that’ll take care of all your health needs, then an MA plan may be your best option. It has little or no premium plans plus all the coverage of Part A and B, a drug plan, as well as other features.