Senior Nursing Homes: Top 4 Myths

Senior Nursing Homes: Top 4 Myths

Myth 1. Sending a loved one to a nursing home is immoral.

This is true if you choose a municipal institution where your relative will be placed in a room resembling a hospital room. But even in these conditions, they will be provided with medical assistance, which they probably do not receive due to their helplessness. Your loved one will be under the constant supervision of specialists, care will be organized for them, the staff will feed them and, most importantly, they will also communicate with your elderly loved one! But it is precisely the lack of attention, according to psychologists, that most often leads to a loss of vital interest.

Of course, it’s not necessary to talk about comfort in this case, unless you stop at a private geriatric center, where in addition to the care and medical care a person also has a friendly attitude, good living conditions, and various leisure activities. Is it really immoral to offer your elderly loved one a decent life and professional care, let it be not in your own territory, but in a boarding house? Not at all.

Myth 2. The nursing homes are simply four walls in a city building.

Of course, there are such places, but the choice is not limited to them. In the vicinity of cities, in nature, you can see plenty of private houses for the elderly, where grandparents spend a lot of time outdoors.Myth 3. In such houses, the elderly do not receive appropriate care, and there are inhumane living conditions. Conditions in many private centers for older people often turn out to be better than domestic ones. These include five meals a day for individual medical reasons, classes that support physical and mental activity, top-level sanitation, handrails in corridors, etc. In a nursing home, seniors can find themselves in a special world, with music, and jokes being heard everywhere.

Myth 4. Older people will be very lonely there.

In good boarding houses for the elderly, the focus is not only on medical care but also on socialization. Guests are involved in various activities, interesting events are held for them, animation psychologists work with them, and in their free time, they are surrounded by peers with whom they can communicate. The schedule is constructed in such a way that there is simply no time to miss and even more to reflect on your own loneliness.

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