The Summit



The four-day global summit was designed to maximize the opportunities for all involved. It included 120 different types of sessions – plenary presentations, workshops, seminars, training sessions, open conversations, sessions for reflection and inspiration through music and culture, nature walks.

–  A two-day Policy Dialogue involved 30 policymakers, thought leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world who reflected on the challenges presented to policy making from the wide range of entrepreneurial and community-based efforts discussed at the Summit.

– LSU organized their annual “Global Conference” as part of the summit.

–  An area was created for spontaneous meetings and activities – the Rework Hub, staffed by volunteers from the international network of Hub offices.

–  150 concrete and investible initiatives and ventures from all over the world were presented – grouped in five areas; Energy, Water, Land, Cities and People.

An investment panel as part of the final plenary, with panelists representing venture capital, pension funds and intermediaries, and social investors, responding to presentations from ten diverse initiatives:

o   Solarcool, Sweden (solar driven refrigerator)

o   One Earth Designs, China (portable solar concentrator)

o   NURU Energy, Rwanda (pedal energy generator)

o   Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products, Argentina (sustainable agriculture methods)

o   Jacinto & Lirio Enterprises, Philippines (handbags from weeds)

o   SocioEnviro Solution, India (hybrid auto rickshaws)

o   Gum Arabic, UK (investment vehicle to invest in African gum producers)

o   DLight Design, US/India/East Africa (solar energy lamps)

o   Kickstart, Kenya (water pumps)

o   Peepoople, Kenya (biodegradable toilet bags)