Types of AARP Medicare Advantage Plans

AARP Insurance Plan offers number of plans including AARP Medicare Advantage Plans. You have to be well informed while choosing a type of plan that suits you. ARRP Medicare Advantage Plan has many variations. In a text below are shown the most common versions.

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Health Maintenance Organization (HMO Plan)

This type of Medicare option covers subscriber’s expenses when visiting the service provider within the HMO network. AARP have their HMOs network of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers that have agreed to provide any service at a certain level of payment.

This option offers lower monthly premiums because of the agreed payment level. Also it has lower copays and coinsurance making it affordable to the majority. It is a good option for people who only need basic medical care and nothing else.

This option does not cover any out of network providers except in a critical emergence situation.

Depending on the plan AARP Medicare Insurance may require you to referral in order to see a specialist.

AARP Medicare advantage Plans

Point of Service (POS Plan)

This is very similar to HMO but it gives you a chance to see other service provider out of the network for certain services.

Apart from premium costs, you are have to pay any cost sharing expenses such as coinsurance and copayments.

You may be required to get a referral from your primary care doctor in order see a specialist.

Preferred Plan Organization (PPO Plan)

In this one, you are allowed to see all providers outside the network but it will cost more to do that.

There is increase in monthly premium compared to POS and HMO as well as increase in copays costs for office visits.

Costs can be reduced by using in AARP Insurance network providers who are part of the PPO.

In this plan you do not need to get a referral from your primary doctor to see a specialist.

Private Fee for Service (PFFS plan)

This plan allows you to use any provider within or out of the network who accepts plan’s terms and condition of payment.

Cost of the premium is high compared to the other three as well as copayments and coinsurance.

To reduce this cost you can use AARP Insurance network providers, doctors and specialists who are part of PFFS.

You are not required to choose a primary physician and no referral is required from your primary doctor whenever you want to see a specialist.